Published date: Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Press: MMA - The Year of Virtual Reality and Data

Published on the MMA UK Blog, March 2 2016

Mobile World Congress is a difficult show to beat, with over 90,000 industry professionals descending on Barcelona to learn about, experience and embrace all things mobile.

This year my attention was drawn away from the handset launches that have dominated in previous years by two main elements virtual reality and, as ever, the immense potential of data.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has been touted as the next big thing in consumer technology for years, but it’s never managed to take a firm hold on our lives. This year, with Samsung’s Virtual Reality roller coaster taking centre stage, VR finally seems to be within touching distance.

Compatible with the high-end Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, the new Gear VR means that virtual reality has become readily available for consumers and brands for the first time. The introduction of the Gear 360o camera means that 360video footage can be produced by the average user, ensuring it will definitely be on brands’ radar in the coming months.

While every day implementation of virtual reality is still a little way off, as it is only widely available through Samsung hardware, elements of VR can be incorporated into the everyday mobile experience. 360o video advertising formats have already been launched, where users can immerse themselves into different environments through their smartphones. By using the innate mobility of mobile devices, it’s possible for users to look round the back stage of a Coldplay concert, explore the summit of MT. Everest or simply drop in at a friend’s party on the other side of the world.

For brands the new 360o technology offers exciting prospects for their content and advertising strategies. A real estate company can serve an advert for a particular house and allow users to check out the street it’s on. Travel agencies can let their audience explore a hotel or cruise ship, film studios can offer behind-the-scenes tours where the user is in control. By offering users this added value, they become far more valuable as a brand.

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