Published date: Wednesday, 13 January 2016

'Mobile Video (Advertising) Will Eat the World) - A Response

‘Mobile Video (Advertising) Will Eat the World’

The lastest article in Forbes to examine the mobile video advertising space outlines an appealing prospect for the industry. Video formats are providing exciting and flexible opportunities for brandswhich go above and beyond the capabilities of standard display ads. Research released this week has shown that the standard banner is now a declining ad unit, with agencies leaning towards the benefits of mobile video.

The general pull of mobile is being felt more keenly than ever as we move in 2016. Research from the IAB suggests 79% of respondents to their CMO & Mobile study are actively integrating mobile into their marketing strategies for 2016.

Investment in mobile goes even further, 50% of marketers are now buying mobile programmatically, reflecting an active understanding and capacity for innovation within the mobile space. This can only mean far greater understanding and further engagement with mobile advertising in the future.

The idea ‘mobile video advertising is eating the world’ certainly gives advertisers a lot to chew on. As Salz states in her article, the use of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning delivers ‘laser-targeted’ ads that use data to ensure the right ad is seen by the right user. It’s an exciting prospect for advertisers – knowing content will only be seen by people who are actively interested in receiving it.

Progress in data and algorithms may lead some to concern that creative endeavors are being sidelined – this could not be further from the truth. Machine learning and high quality creative content can work in harmony, delivering consumers advertising which is enjoyable and interactive. Using video as well as HTML5 to create ads that can vibrate, swipe, shake, rock, and respond to 3D motion are just a few of the latest ideas to be launched, and creatives have a vibrant new format to work with, safe in the knowledge that their work is reaching consumers.

Mobile video advertising is making gains across the advertising industry, and, coupled with the huge leaps and bounds in data and artificial intelligence, is signaling a new and vibrant era for marketers.