Published date: Tuesday, 5 January 2016

What will be the big hits for mobile in 2016?

As we move into 2016, a range of both problems and opportunities face the mobile advertising industry. CEO Stephen Upstone looks into some of the key themes from last year and reflects on what is to come over the next 12 months.

2015 saw an unprecedented rise in ad-blocking, with around a third of users now using ad-blocking technology. In 2016 expect to see ad-tech providers, agencies and publishers looking to halt the tide by adopting advertising formats which complement the user experience. We’ll see a trend for more engaging formats overlaid with data to ensure users are targeted with advertising which is relevant to their interests.

Mobile video advertising has been on the rise throughout 2015 but next year it’s going to become a far more creative medium, with advertisers beginning to produce more dedicated mobile video content, such as portrait video, rather than repurposing TV spots. Native video was a big feature of 2015 and as companies move towards offering all video formats, brands will be able to plan mobile video holistically, pushing more spend into the medium.

Data has become a fundamental part of all advertising campaigns, but next year will be about advertisers making their data work harder for them. Artificial Intelligence engines which optimise campaigns towards key performance goals, maximising efficiency and reducing wasted impressions, are going to rise to the fore as advertisers seek to deliver the most effective campaigns possible.

Ad-blocking, artificial intelligence and mobile video are likely to be three topics that will grab headlines over the next 12 months. What remains key, however, is that advertisers remain diligent and flexible – ready to confront any new challenges while also adapting to any fresh opportunities that will inevitably present themselves in 2016.