Published date: Friday, 18 December 2015

5 of the more 'out-there' Christmas Adverts this year

After the mildly perplexing emergence of the Robert Dyas advert this week (hey, we’re talking about it, so I guess it works?) LoopMe looks back on some of the less conventional Christmas adverts over the years. From the slightly quirky to the downright terrifying, we’re looking forward to see what festive offerings emerge in years to come.

1) Harvey Nichols: Gift Face 

Who needs elderly crying men on the moon when you can have relatably fun and engaging adverts straight from the living room? Harvey Nichols’ #GiftFace advert was voted top Christmas advert of 2015 and its eccentricities are very much its strength – we’ve all been given terrible presents in the past, and we’ve all had to ‘gift-face’  at last once person in our lives! This isn’t the first time Harvey Nichols have nailed it with their Christmas ads – check out their 2013 campaign here!

2) EDEKA Weihnachtsclip: #heimkommen

This ad made headlines a few weeks ago by being ‘sadder than John Lewis’ – as it stands the advert just comes across as just a little bit creepy.  Who would ever fake their own death to try and bring their family together?! Personally if one of my relatives did that I may stay well away.

3) Oddbins: #WhatTheFox

Stilted acting, a menacing stuffed fox, and a dose of festive cynicism are the starting ingredients for this ‘wtf’ advert. Sure it may have a happy ending, but it feels like something went wrong somewhere down the production line for this video. #WhatTheFox is also strangely reminiscent of a famous viral song from a couple of years ago. At least they didn’t make any fox noises in this version.

4) Temptations: Say Sorry                                               

Great work from Temptations here. Combining cats with comedic insight creates a fun, viewable advert that just about hits home. Pets do often get neglected at Christmas while everyone is overcome by festive cheer, why not repay your pets for putting up with all the merriment?

5) Vision Express: A Pug’s Christmas 

Pets are all the range this year and pugs are leading the pack. Marketers have cottoned onto the fact that viewers can’t get enough of pugs or cats dressed in novelty clothing and doing funny things. Vision Express’s advert stays defiantly on message (while still being nice and charming) but do they kill off the main character in the final sequence? Gripping stuff.