Video of the Week: Go Figaro with Bret Easton Ellis

There seemed to be a creative flourish in the last seven days, as a spree of fantastically innovative and original ads hit the net. The first comes from e-commerce brand Klarna is as surreal as it sounds – a fish slides down a slide and smoothly glides across a polished floor. It has to be seen to be believed.

The second comes from Prism and Century Link and is an ad perfect for any aspiring cinophile. The combination of tongue in cheek humor and rather intense cinematic knowledge makes this a fun little ditty, plus it gives Paul Giamatti a chance to flex his acting (and chewing) chops.

But the winner this week (and this is strictly NSFW) comes from the Opera of Paris and Bret Easton Ellis with ‘Figaro’. The ‘American Psycho’ writer here uses the music from the Barber of Seville to turn the tightly wrought operatic form into an intensely carnal experience. Check it out below: