Recap: Digiday Programmatic Marketing Summit 2022


Recap: Digiday Programmatic Marketing Summit 2022

What does a world without the third-party cookie mean for digital advertising? 

Last week, the LoopMe team attended the Digiday Programmatic Summit to hear from industry experts and analysts on how to embrace the deprecation of third-party cookies, and how to navigate this massive change.  

The conference covered major topics such as:

Along these lines, LoopMe addressed client challenges with a joint presentation with our client from Carat to shed light on how to gain business outcomes with smarter media decisioning. 

Historically, media campaigns have been optimized based on metrics like VCR or CTR. LoopMe moves beyond proxy metrics and optimizes directly towards the brand outcome in real-time.

Crystal Shelton, VP of Partnerships at LoopMe was joined on stage by Catherine Son, Associate Digital Director at Carat, to present a financial services case study, focusing on how pre-qualified audiences and in-flight optimization directly towards brand survey results drove incremental lift.

The Challenge:

Increase awareness of their contactless usage for everyday spending with campaign insights and optimization strategies that deliver effective results, reducing wasted media impressions.

LoopMe’s Solution:


Instead of relying on metrics like a VCR or CTR, we were able to optimize in-flight directly towards our KPI of awareness. 

In case you missed us, we would be delighted to tell you more about how LoopMe can help you drive valuable outcomes for your brands and clients. If you would like to explore partnership opportunities, contact us at