Published date: Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Press: LoopMe joins the TAG Registry to improve transparency in digital advertising

Mobile video advertising platform LoopMe joins the TAG Registry to improve transparency in digital advertising


(20/12/16) New York: LoopMe, a mobile video advertising platform specializing in data and artificial intelligence, announced today that it has been approved by the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) as a participant in the TAG Registry. TAG Registered companies have been verified as legitimate participants in the digital advertising industry through a proprietary background check and review process powered by Dun & Bradstreet and approved by TAG.


According to a study released earlier this year by the Association of National Advertisers, $7.2 billion worth of advertising each year is lost to invalid traffic, fraud, piracy and malware. TAG is working to eliminate these issues through a series of interlocking seal programs that validate trusted participants in the digital advertising ecosystem, increase transparency around the buyers and sellers of inventory, share best practices between companies, and cooperate with law enforcement to find and prosecute criminal actors.


TAG registration is the first step in applying for all of TAG’s seal programs, and LoopMe plans to become TAG Certified Against Fraud, Piracy and Malware, as well as participating in TAG’s Inventory Quality Guidelines program.


“We are delighted that LoopMe is joining other leading companies from across the industry to fight fraud, malware, and piracy. We look forward to working with the LoopMe team to increase trust, transparency, and security across digital advertising,” commented Rachel Nyswander Thomas, SVP, Operations and Public Policy for TAG.


LoopMe VP Sales North America Scott Shulman said, ‘there is no excuse for poor quality advertising – brand safety, viewability and transparency are of paramount importance. We are proud to receive TAG Registration, and our integrations with Forensiq, Integral Ad Science, Moat and DoubleVerify will support our work with TAG and provide brands with the assurance that their marketing budgets are being spent on the highest quality advertising’.



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