Published date: Friday, 8 March 2024

Over half of women in the UK feel their workplace does not cater to their needs

New research from LoopMe this International Women’s Day, reveals women are more likely to spend time in the office if they felt it catered to them

London, UK, March 2024: New survey insights from LoopMe, a leading technology company that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to improve brand advertising performance, reveals that over half of women (51%) in the UK in 2024 feel their workplace does not cater to their needs.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, and this year’s theme ‘Inspire Inclusion’,  LoopMe data reveals four in five (80%) of UK consumers don’t feel their workplace takes female-specific needs ‘very seriously’, with 9% saying their workplace ‘never’ takes them seriously.

Interestingly, 43% of women indicated they would spend more time in the office if their needs were better catered to, showing a distinct appetite for female adapted workplaces. Of the respondents, it was Gen X consumers in general aged between 45 and 54 in the UK that showed the most interest in spending more time in the office of those surveyed, with over half (55%) responding they would be likely to do so if their needs were met.

Other insights focused on adjustments workplaces could provide for female employees, with a fifth (20%) of consumers highlighting the desire for temperature-controlled rooms. This comes as more than 80% of women in the UK say their employers provide no support at work for those with menopause symptoms. Yet it was security outside the office highlighted by a third (27%) of women as an implementation they would like to see, a slight rise from sentiment measured by LoopMe in 2021 (up from 20%) and signalling heightened concerns towards female safety when travelling to and from work.

“The latest data from LoopMe illustrates there is still work to be done to facilitate a truly inclusive workplace” says Sarah Tims, AVP, Marketing at LoopMe “It is crucial employers understand the specific concerns and aspirations of women at different stages of their lives and careers to create truly inclusive work environments. As a woman in the tech sector, I’m committed to championing initiatives that provide the support, resources, and opportunities women need to thrive in this dynamic industry. This International Women’s Day, I hope that organisations can use this data as a springboard for progress and re-commit to building a safe and comfortable workplace for all women.”


LoopMe surveyed 2,128 UK consumers between 19 – 26 February 2024 and 5,052 UK consumers from 26 November – 6 December 2021 to understand consumer attitudes towards the female-specific considerations in the workplace.

Consumers were asked about their employer’s attitudes towards catering to female-specific needs in the workplace e.g. time off for period pain or menopause, accommodations provided for women and what more needs to be done to support working women. Men and women surveyed belonged to the age groups 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54 and 55-64.

LoopMe’s opt-in, GDPR-compliant research was delivered to consumers via their mobile devices. All surveys were non-incentivised.

Surveys appear as consumers engage with content across mobile web and apps, providing scalability and unique reach for data collection.

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