LoopMe’s Second PurchaseLoop Research Pulse Report Reveals Changing Trends in Consumer Media Consumption, Spending and Future Outlook During COVID-19

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LoopMe’s Second PurchaseLoop Research Pulse Report Reveals Changing Trends in Consumer Media Consumption, Spending and Future Outlook During COVID-19

Key findings from consumer survey of 8,000 respondents include an increase in spending, spike in gaming, and other shifts in media consumption and aspirational goals


NEW YORK – LoopMe, the outcomes-based video platform, today released its second global PurchaseLoop Research Pulse Report, uncovering shifts in various facets of the consumer lifestyle, including changes in online media consumption and spending, as COVID-19 has drastically impacted the world. 


The report surveyed 8,000 people in eight countries including the U.S., the U.K., Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Singapore and Hong Kong to measure consumer sentiment across four key indexes: media consumption, buying behavior, aspirational goals and overall outlook. The results were then compared to the pulse report released at the end of March 2020 to uncover the shifts in behavior, by country, as consumers around the world transformed from ‘panic and preparation’ mode into ‘the new normal’ lifestyle.


Key insights revealed:


Media Consumption Index: Which area of your media consumption has increased most during COVID-19?


Buying Index: Thinking about your total purchases this month, how did your spending compare to last month?


Aspirational Index: What do you aspire to do most when the COVID-19 crisis is over?


Outlook Index: What best describes your level of optimism around COVID-19?


“With consumer behaviors shifting rapidly and differing per region, it’s imperative for marketers to gain real-time reads on their target audiences when planning and executing marketing campaigns,” says Stephen Upstone, CEO and co-founder of LoopMe. “With audience data of the past becoming irrelevant, now — more than ever before — brands are looking to LoopMe to help uncover recent trends in audience behavior to navigate the ‘new normal’ for building trust and authenticity with consumers.”


LoopMe also released weekly consumer snapshot PurchaseLoop Research reports with insights from thousands of consumers across the U.S., U.K., Canada and APAC in various topics including brand affinity, home improvement, retail, finance, investing, travel, gifting, and streaming. Those insights can be found at the LoopMe COVID-19 hub.


LoopMe’s award-winning PurchaseLoop product suite is 2x more effective than traditional advertising optimization, using cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize video advertising to real-world brand outcomes. Going beyond clicks and views, LoopMe’s AI technology means it is possible to go beyond digital proxy metrics and deliver against the metrics that matter — awareness, consideration, favorability, intent, foot traffic and offline sales.


To download the PurchaseLoop Research Insights Study: Understanding Consumer Behavior During COVID-19, June 2020, click here. 


For more information, contact solutions@loopme.com.


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