Published date: Tuesday, 10 March 2020

LoopMe Launches New Shoppable Creative to Shorten the Path to Purchase

LoopMe Launches New Shoppable Creative to Shorten the Path to Purchase

Enhances customer experience for consumers; gives brands better insights into the shopper journey

NEW YORK – MARCH 10, 2020LoopMe, the outcomes-based video platform, today announced new shoppable creative capabilities that shortens the path to purchase and provides brands deeper insights into the shopper journey. The new ad unit allows items to be added to the cart directly within the ad creative, closing the loop for brand marketers on ad performance driving purchases.


Typically, marketers only see purchase behavior after a campaign has ended, and oftentimes that data is housed directly with retailers or online sites. The launch of this new ad unit takes the ‘add to cart’ functionality earlier in the process, allowing brands to gain insights into which products are of interest and helps them harness more deterministic insights from their ad campaigns than proxy metrics like clicks or delivery data. This shoppable creative also links directly to check-out pages on leading e-comm sites, seamlessly connecting the advertising and shopping experience for consumers.


“By creating the shoppable experience for consumers within the ad unit is a win win – the brand gets the data it needs to fuel marketing decisions and the customer gets to seamlessly add to cart, shortening the path to purchase,” says Jeff Giacchetti, US Digital Media and Marketing Lead – Laundry and Home Care, Henkel Corporation.


“Empowering consumers to buy when they are most engaged with a brand’s content is essential to driving outcomes up and down the marketing funnel,” says Mel Bessaha, SVP North America Sales. “With this new functionality, not only is the consumer experience better — which drives brand affinity — but also the ease of purchasing is improved, closing the loop between ad effectiveness and actual sales results.”


Powered by LoopMe’s flagship product suite, PurchaseLoop, this new ad unit is available to brand and agency clients immediately. Companies that are in the retail, beauty, fashion and consumer packaged goods verticals will benefit the most from this solution.


LoopMe’s award-winning PurchaseLoop is 2x more effective than traditional advertising optimization, using cutting-edge artificial intelligence to optimize video advertising to real-world brand outcomes.


Going beyond clicks and views, LoopMe’s AI technology means it is possible to go beyond digital proxy metrics and deliver against the metrics that matter — awareness, consideration, favorability, intent, foot traffic and offline sales.


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