Published date: Thursday, 14 January 2021

LoopMe and Unity Launch Partnership to Increase Inventory, Deliver Advanced Creative and Optimize Outcomes for Brands

Expanded collaboration through LoopMe Marketplace provides direct brand campaigns with high-impact creative units and Unity Ads for enhanced outcomes

NEW YORK – JANUARY 14, 2021 LoopMe, the leading outcomes-based digital advertising platform, and Unity, the world’s leading platform for creating and operating real-time 3D (RT3D) content, today announced a partnership that will make advanced creative campaigns available through the LoopMe marketplace, increasing managed service for all LoopMe clients. By fulfilling advertising campaigns through Unity Ads, LoopMe clients can now activate campaigns against high-performing inventory at scale in the sought after in-app mobile gaming market, while also leveraging LoopMe’s expertise for in-flight campaign optimization across all channels — including CTV, mobile and desktop — for more effective omnichannel advertising results.

“After two years of collaboration between LoopMe and Unity, during which we worked closely to create unique solutions for our clients, we are now announcing a formal partnership that combines the strength of our offerings to deliver direct brand campaign activity where consumers are spending a more considerable amount of their time,” said Stephen Upstone, CEO and Founder at LoopMe. “Unity’s leadership within in-app gaming advertising and advanced creative capabilities — including augmented reality and Mini Game creative — paired with LoopMe’s in-flight optimization capabilities, data and attribution, will offer a one-stop-shop for brands and agencies to understand and drive business outcomes across screens.”

As part of this collaboration, LoopMe and Unity clients can now leverage more engaging high-impact creative units for mobile in-app gaming, powered by LoopMe’s flagship product PurchaseLoop, which delivers against marketing goals like brand lift, purchase intent, online and offline sales and conversions. LoopMe will also provide augmented reality (AR) and playable ad experiences made with Unity, enabling advanced creative capabilities across screens.

“In 2020, we saw a massive surge in mobile gaming, and with that, an increase in mobile gaming ad performance where players are interacting more with ads,” said Agatha Hood, Director, Global Advertising & Operate Services Sales. “Among mobile game players who watch ads, the average number of ads watched increased by 14%, while overall mobile game ad revenue increased 59%, with ad impressions surging 57% during the pandemic. All signs point to an acceleration of interaction with ads, and our extended partnership with LoopMe will enable us to provide consumers with more interactive ad experiences, alongside direct access to brand-safe mobile game ad inventory that reaches audiences where they are, whatever screen they are on.”

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