Published date: Thursday, 31 January 2019

IRI Unveils Campaign Conversion Feed to Power In-flight Programmatic Campaign Optimization

IRI, a global leader in innovative solutions and services for consumer, retail and media companies, today announced IRI Campaign Conversion Feed, a solution that links advertising Platforms with IRIs industry-leading, purchase-based audience data assets to allow CPG manufacturers and retailers to optimize their programmatic advertising campaigns while they are in-flight. Platforms that integrate IRIs 100 percent deterministic verified audiences and real-time purchase data into their platforms through the Campaign Conversion Feed enable CPG advertisers to measure which online advertisements are most effective in driving offline sales, and optimize their campaigns accordingly.

Most advertisers today rely on proxy metrics like click-through rate and video completion rate or the behaviour of smaller panels to optimize their programmatic campaigns, said Nishat Mehta, president of the IRI Media Center of Excellence. This common practice gives you a rough estimate of conversions and falsely assumes that a consumers engagement with an ad converts them into a customer, neither of which is an efficient way to optimize your campaign. IRIs Campaign Conversion Feed seamlessly delivers 100 percent deterministic audiences at significant scale based on real-time, purchase-based data to advertising platforms. Incorporating this rich data ensures a CPG manufacturers or retailers programmatic campaigns can be optimized in-flight to serve the brands ultimate marketing goal “ sales growth.

Each week, IRIs Campaign Conversion Feed supplies partnering ad platforms with de-identified CPG purchase data on households that purchased the advertised product over the past seven days. Leveraging IRIs extensive set of purchase-based audience data, the solution measures which digital advertisements have most effectively converted consumers to in-store sales, and integrates that data into the ad platforms buying algorithm, allowing advertisers to react and rebalance their campaigns for optimal return on advertising spend (ROAS).

LoopMe, has already integrated IRIs Campaign Conversion Feed into their solutions, offering a clear competitive advantage to the CPG retailers and manufacturers that automate ad buying on their platforms.

Mehta continued, Partnerships with leading providers like LoopMe allow clients to benefit from the complementary strengths of IRI and partners across the ad-tech ecosystem. The Campaign Conversion Feed is a clear example of IRIs commitment to helping our clients drive growth at every step of their advertising campaigns.

A recent IRI study showed that a programmatic digital campaign leveraging the Campaign Conversion Feeds real-time, purchase-based data drove 4x the average sales lift of 200 previous CPG food and beverage digital campaigns. The complete study, Feed In-Flight Optimization with Sales Metrics for Increased Lift, is a free report available for download from IRI at

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