Published date: Thursday, 23 February 2023

Employee Spotlight: Daly Farrington

Life at LoopMe

Why did you decide to join LoopMe?
I was impressed with LoopMe’s PurchaseLoop technology. I liked the idea of having almost real-time insights on awareness, favourability and intent whilst activating my digital marketing campaigns.

My first role at LoopMe was in client services, so I would have a 360 view of a growing media business and the chance to learn and build relationships with colleagues across the company appealed to me.

I’d also heard positive feedback about LoopMe’s company culture from friends and family within the industry.

What project or event has been your favourite to work on at LoopMe?
Working alongside Jaimesh Patel to launch a new supply partnership globally. The project opened LoopMe up to new revenue opportunities and has now generated seven figure incremental revenue. I had the opportunity to pitch and onboard the partnership to new regions, develop best practices, activate tests and present to the leadership team.

The project gave me an opportunity to work closely with senior colleagues, improve my presentation skills and gave me an appetite for rolling out innovative projects and becoming more strategic. Ultimately, it opened the door into a new career path and helped me win the EMEA/APAC Innovation award for 2022.

What motivates you to come to work?
I have built good friendships within the company and have encouraged friends to join from around the industry. LoopMe has a hardworking but fun culture and there’s always something good happening on a Thursday.

I’ve been fortunate enough to prioritise projects which I’m passionate about and believe will have a positive impact for our clients. I’m looking forward to driving these forward throughout the year.

Tell us a bit about yourself
I enjoy watching football, going on city breaks around Europe and playing tennis. I like to host events, especially having BBQs, poker nights and cooking meals/ making cocktails with friends. My favourite show is currently Succession and I’m listening to a lot of Fred Again, Wet Leg and Franz Ferdinand.

What was your biggest achievement in 2022?
Moving to the product team was a long term goal of mine and I was excited to take on the role in October. Currently I’m primarily managing LoopMe’s DSP and working alongside Alex Koroid and Shah Auckburaully on LoopMe’s PurchaseLoop suite.

Outside of work, I moved into a new home with my partner and our dog, Wally. We’ve completed a lot of the work on the house ourselves, which looks great. I’m especially proud of us, given that neither of us have picked up a tool in our lives beforehand.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose and why?
Anywhere hot, with cold beer, good music and a pool nearby.