Published date: Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Outcomes-based TV advertising: Uncovering what happens NEXT

Since television was introduced in the living room some 70 years ago, TV commercials have been widely recognized for their ability to influence consumer actions, increase brand affinity and ultimately drive sales.

Over the last 5 years, TV consumption habits have drastically changed. Consumers now have a myriad of choices when viewing content – from streaming services to on-demand viewing. 

Marketers are faced with the challenge of how best to measure TV advertising success, often relying on reach and frequency as their key metrics to determine ad performance. 

However, given the fragmentation of the TV landscape, the ability to measure reach and frequency has become a bigger challenge, leaving marketers with a lack of understanding of the outcomes generated from TV advertising.

At week’s AdAge Streaming Next event, we discussed how outcomes-based TV advertising is possible and the tools available to marketers to measure consumer intent. 

I was joined by ITN Networks and Matterkind, providing both a publisher and buyer perspective on their strategies for TV planning, buying and measurement. 

Our panel session covered topics such as:

  • What does my customer do after they have been exposed to the ad (the KPI)?
  • What combination of screens gets my outcome fastest and most efficiently (ROAS)?
  • How can I get this data in real time to make decisions and optimizations before all my marketing dollars have been spent?