Published date: Thursday, 30 August 2018

Closing the Loop on Consumer Tech | Wrap Up

This week LoopMe hosted Closing the Loop on Consumer Tech at the Ham Yard Hotel, London to discuss best practices for tech brands in a highly-cluttered environment.

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The morning was kicked-off by Alistair Hill, CEO and Co-Founder of OnDevice Research with his keynote on ‘Effectiveness Tips for Consumer Tech Advertising’. Alistair drew upon OnDevice’s research which illustrates a direct correlation between emotive ads and purchase. According to their research, video ads combined with interstitial units are a pivotal at driving of emotional response. Download the presentation here.

We then moved on to our first fireside chat with Laricea Roman-Halliday, Head of Digital at the Specialist Works and Jack Edmonds, Head of Sales at LoopMe

It’s well documented that consumer tech marketers struggle with short product lifecycles with the likes of Apple and Samsung releasing new products every 6 months. Lariciea suggested tapping into emotions, to help ads resonate with consumers. She advised attendees not to see TV as dying, but as changing channel. Tech brands should strive for innovation and find new ways to integrate all media channels.

LoopMe’s Senior Agency Sales Manager, Max Briere-Edney then addressed the audience on LoopMe’s solutions for closing the loop, using AI and data to optimize brand outcomes. Download the presentation here.

Ed Grice, Head of EMEA at PMG and Alex Hinds International Sales Executive at LoopMe sat down to discuss the best ways to marry storytelling and performance in the world of culture and technology.

Like many of our speakers, Ed highlighted the importance of storytelling, but also stressed the importance of a clear call to action on all creatives to drive consumers to purchase. Through learning and feeding back insights from different channel activations, this is a step towards closing the loop.

We finished the morning with a discussion between Lucy Goddard, Programmatic Content Distribution Manager at The Story Lab and Lauren Bigland, Global Marketing & Communications Director. Lucy had previously worked with LoopMe on a campaign for Microsoft Surface, which was shortlisted at The Drum’s Digital Trading Awards. View the full case study below.

Her three tips for consumer tech success were:

– Don’t overlook the creative
– Ensure your ads work together – don’t just make a 30 second creative if it doesn’t fit into a larger story
– The campaign has to be measurable and deliver on the metrics that matter to your brand. This should be assessed during the campaign as well as afterwards

For more data and insights, download your free Consumer Tech one pager here.
Thanks again to our brilliant speakers, we hope to see you all at another event soon!