Published date: Friday, 17 November 2017

How LoopMe drove purchase intent programmatically for Microsoft

The LoopMe Awards celebrate the best in AI-optimised mobile video advertising. These campaigns have used artificial intelligence in combination with PurchaseLoop, LoopMe’s brand optimization product, to deliver enhanced campaign results and fulfil brand marketing objectives.


Brand: Microsoft
Campaign: Microsoft HP Spectre x360
Agency: The Story Lab


LoopMe worked with The Story Lab; the entertainment division of Dentsu Aegis, to develop an effective mobile video marketing campaign, for the distribution of content showcasing the new Microsoft HP Spectre x360 Convertible laptop. The Story Lab collaborated with LoopMe to distribute 15 and 30 second teasers of the Microsoft video content to a bespoke audience created within LoopMe’s Data Management Platform, in order to add scale, drive users to the full-length content and increase consumer purchase intent.

LoopMe devised a strategy that would combine Artificial Intelligence to optimise towards the campaign KPI’s, and programmatic delivery via an Amnet PMP, which ensured that The Story Lab had visibility on delivery, performance and brand-safety.

While the campaign delivered over 2 million impressions across mobile and tablet, the real value was in the uplift to the brand KPIs through AI.

The campaign benefitted from using LoopMe’s latest product, PurchaseLoop. Using data points unique to mobile, PurchaseLoop uses artificial intelligence modelling to upweight delivery towards brand metrics. For this campaign it was optimised to purchase intent in real-time, moving consumers further along the purchase funnel through content engagement.

As the first campaign globally to combine AI brand optimisation in real-time with a programmatic buy, LoopMe delivered an innovative mobile campaign for Microsoft which achieved both brand & business KPIs, most notably a 41% increase in purchase intent and 165% increase in CTR.