Published date: Tuesday, 10 October 2017

LoopMe Awards UK: Voting is now open

The LoopMe Awards are fast approaching, and we’re excited to announce that you can now vote for your favourite campaign.

The LoopMe Awards looks to celebrate the best in AI-optimized mobile video advertising. The shortlisted campaigns all used PurchaseLoop to deliver enhanced campaign results and fulfil brand marketing objectives. Voting is open until October 30th and you’re allowed one vote per email address. Make your vote count!

The final six campaigns for the UK LoopMe Awards are:

Yorkshire Tea & Goodstuff

GoodStuff’s client, Yorkshire Tea were looking to promote their Yorkshire Tree campaign which was supporting their CSR goal of planting one million trees in the UK and abroad within the next five years. Using PurchaseLoop, awareness of Yorkshire Tea’s mission rose by 50%.

02 & Mobext

With two compelling 10-second video adverts, PurchaseLoop was used to increase brand consideration among users who were in-market for a new network provider. PurchaseLoop was responsible for the entire uplift in brand consideration.

Microsoft & The Story Lab

In this campaign, PurchaseLoop optimised to brand affinity and purchase intent in real time, moving consumers further along the purchase funnel through content engagement. This was the first campaign globally to combine AI brand optimisation in real-time with a programmatic buy.

Peugeot & OMD

Peugeot are known for their small cars, but in 2017 the released the 3008, their second car in the hotly-contested SUV category. By utilising PurchaseLoop technology LoopMe identified users within Peugeot/OMD’s target audience who would consider purchasing the 3008 SUV and optimised towards these users in real-time. The campaign ran in 2 phases, and from phase 1 to phase 2 purchase intent rose by 50%, demonstrating how data can be used as part of a long-tail automotive sales strategy.

Fosters & Publicis

Fosters were looking to increase their market share in a competitive beer market during the summer months. Using PurchaseLoop, Fosters surveyed consumers to ask: ‘Is Fosters a brand you are likely to drink?’. Using data from these responses, LoopMe created a bespoke segment that had the highest statistical chance of being positively affected by the advert, with a 97% uplift from control to AI exposed.

Philips & Dentsu Aegis 

Philips and Dentsu Aegis ran two high impact full-screen mobile formats which encouraged consumers to ‘get that healthy mouth feeling’ using the new Sonicare Diamond Clean Toothbrush. Using PurchaseLoop, there was an 18% increase in purchase intent.

What is PurchaseLoop?

PurchaseLoop is the world’s first brand uplift optimizer, driving better results across the metrics which matter in real-time. PurchaseLoop goes beyond campaign metrics to deliver the metrics that really matter. Check out our video to learn about how PurchaseLoop works.

To read a full description of each campaign and vote for your favorite click here. Best of luck to all nominated!