Published date: Thursday, 1 June 2017

Luma Digital Summit

The invitation-only Luma Digital Media Summit hosts an audience comprised of solely CEOs from the most promising tech companies and senior execs from the industry’s largest acquirers, VC firms and advertisers.

LoopMe’s CEO, Stephen Upstone, flew to New York last week to attend the conference and shared with us some of his top takeaways:


– Measuring and optimizing to business outcomes

In digital, this is a shift aware from views and clicks and a move to more tangible results. This is something that we’ve been driving through PurchaseLoop.


– AI is still early. Intelligent software will eat software

Artificial Intelligence and its impact on digital are still in infancy. Further investment in AI will speed up the pace.


– Google and Amazon are AI first businesses

As opposed to mobile first. This has most recently been seen in Google’s latest launches like Google Lens, which uses AI to interprets its surroundings and take action on what it sees. One application of this mentioned in Google’s latest conference is connecting to wi-fi by simply taking a photo of the sticker on the router, and connect automatically.


– Old media and tech needs technology to define core business

New innovation and investment in tech is vital for a competitive edge


– Enterprise software is making big moves into marketing and advertising space

Just look to Oracle for a recent example – their Data Cloud is used by advertisers and publishers to better target ads, due to the amount of data available there. What’s more, its not tied to any other major advertising platform like Google or Facebook. Their recently purchase of Moat continues to support this argument.


As tech continues to advance at rapid pace, it looks like a busy and exciting few years to come!