Published date: Monday, 13 March 2017

First speakers announced for Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Us

As we write this, Artifical Intelligence dominates yet another industry event. First it was CES, then Mobile World Congress and now SXSW. Even the Vatican are speaking about it, with Bishop Tighe (who runs social media accounts for the Pope) musing about what a lack of work could do to our sense of self-worth although also stating: ‘Let’s not romanticise it – some of the work that might be displaced is fairly tough, dangerous work and fairly menial.’

While AI is front of mind at SXSW, it’s also topical for us, especially given our recent $10 million of funding for further investment in AI advertising technology.

Knowing the massive appetite for AI content and a lack of understanding within the market, our conference, Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Us comes to London on April 11th.

As well as our CEO, Stephen Upstone and Global VP Sales, Pete O’Mara-Kane, we’re excited to be joined by several amazing speakers from the agency and media world. These include:

–       Cameron Worth, Founder of SharpEnd, the agency of things

–       Alex Kozloff, Director of Marketing and Industry Engagement at the IAB

–       Lindsay Rowntree, Head of Content at ExchangeWire

–       Deirdre McGlashan, Chief Digital Officer at MediaCom

Find out more about the speakers here.

Alex Kozloff has guest blogged for us on what AI means for the digital advertising industry. Expect to hear more from our speakers in the coming weeks.

We’ve had unprecedented interest in this event, so ensure you RSVP before they sell out!