Published date: Sunday, 18 December 2016

Case Study: How Samsung boosted their CTR by 20% using AI

LoopMe partnered with Starcom Mediavest Group to deliver Samsung’s Hero campaign, promoting their latest high end handset, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.


– To drive rational purchases of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge that were made due to the features of the phone rather than pre-existing brand loyalty or sentiment to Samsung

– Educate users on the phone’s unique and innovative features


– Number of people improving their understanding of the phone via engagements (clicks, views and engagements) with the rich media ad unit


– All those in the market for premium smartphones


– Samsung utilised LoopMe’s Data Management Platform (DMP) which then built a specific audience segment. Drawing across trillions of data points, the DMP was able to identify users with older handsets, between 19 – 24 months old, with a particular focus on users with a strong interest in technology. The audience was identified using data from location history, geo-location, online behaviour, demographic and device. In reviewing this, it was possible to determine which impressions were of most value to Starcom Mediavest and Samsung for this campaign and its KPI’s

– LoopMe’s creative team built a bespoke rich media HTML5 ad unit, which included descriptions of product features, a short video showcasing the handset and an interactive swipe bar allowing the user to explore features in more detail

– The ad was delivered across a range of verticals on both apps and mobile web. In doing this, it was possible to scale the campaign and reach users across multiple touchpoints

– Using Artificial Intelligence, it was possible to determine not only the users that fit Samsung and Starcom’s audience profile but which of these had the highest probability of engaging with the campaign


– In utilising AI, LoopMe improved campaign results by 20% against the campaign’s own control group, improving both ROI and proving effectiveness.

– Prior to the campaign there was a poor understanding of the advantages that the Galaxy S7 Edge handset had to offer. By the end of the first phase, 43% of users had interacted with the ad in some way – clicking through to the site, watching the video or engaging with the interactive element of the ad unit

– 37% of users watched the video, the most informative and impactful part of the ad

– Therefore, 43% of people reached by the campaign can be said to have a better awareness and understanding of the handset, moving the consumer well along the purchase funnel towards a rational purchase.

Mobile was the perfect channel for engaging users as it delivers the huge scale needed to reach the breadth of the target audience, as well as highlighting the difference between the user’s current phone and the one they could own if they upgraded to the Samsung handset.

This campaign was awarded Silver at the MMA UK Smarties in the category ‘Mobile Video.’


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