Published date: Friday, 28 October 2016

Press: VideoNet - The 360 Degree Revolution

Written in VideoNet & Digital Marketing Magazine, 28/10/16

Creating compelling advertising content which resonates with users and generates an impact has never been easy. Some brands like John Lewis, Evian and Coca Cola make it look effortless, with timeless advertising that appeals to a wide range of audiences. For others it hasn’t quite been so simple, and as users become more ad-savvy and critical of traditional advertising, brands are seeking out new ways to create content which is genuinely engaging and offers users value for their time and attention.

360o video and Virtual Reality have truly come into their own this year, with a huge presence at all large marketing events – the latest being at dmexco, where Samsung’s CMO Marc Mathieu took to the stage to discuss Samsung’s VR Studio which opened in January. These channels, which are beginning to mature, could offer brands the platform they need to deliver users a valuable experience.

To build brand loyalty today, advertisers must offer something more to the consumer, and immersive, tangible 360ocontent is a solution which is becoming more widely available to creatives. By leveraging brand partnerships to essentially bring users to the centre of a concert crowd, the tunnel before a Manchester City game, or even the site of a remote village in Ethopia, brands can solidify their voice and establish much more fully what they stand for. Outstanding implementation of 360o and VR will not only make users sit back and think ‘wow’ but will truly convey a sense of the brand’s identity. The challenge will be recruiting creatives who have the vision and the expertise to develop advertising which truly delivers an unforgettable experience.

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