Published date: Monday, 10 October 2016

5 Things to Look Out for at IAB Engage London

IAB Engage UK kicks off its two-day spell at the London Barbican on Wednesday, with an agenda full of relevant and innovative topics as well as high quality speakers. For those wanting to be on top of their game when the conference starts, we thought we’d run down 5 things to look out for over the 48 hours (apart from our red LoopMe t-shirts of course…).

1)      Mark Read – CEO of Wunderman, Day One, 16:10

Wunderman has become one of the leading networks of digital companies in the world, employing thousands across almost every conceivable market. Global CEO Mark Read has done an enormous amount to make sure Wunderman remains a cutting edge institution, so much so that in 2015 he was named as The Drum’s Digital Individual of the Year. It will be exciting to see what topic he decides to tackle during his fireside chat on Wednesday.

2)      Caitlin Moran – Columnist and Author, Day One, 16:40

Caitlin Moran has carved an incredibly powerful niche for herself as one of the forefront writers on contemporary issues; her regular column at The Times now being one of the most renowned features in modern publishing while her books have sold millions of copies in a variety of countries. No doubt her astute observations will contribute to a wonderful fireside chat with IAB Director of Marketing Alex Kozloff.

3)      Gary Lineker – Former Footballer and Broadcaster, Day Two, 16:20

On top of his unparalleled record as a footballer, Gary Lineker has gone on to become one of the most respected broadcasters of the present day with his fixture on Match of the Day. For those at Engage however, it’s fair to say that Lineker has a special place in the advertising hall of fame – his legendary appearances on Walkers crisp adverts being a fantastic matching of celebrity endorsement and brand identity.

4)      Poorna Bell – Executive Editor, Huffington Post, Day One, 11:20

In the tumultuous political climate, the Huffington Post has had a tough job staying on top of every relevant and burning issue while also guaranteeing a consistent number of quality articles. Coupled with all the issues facing the modern day publisher, there will certainly be no shortage of topics for Poorna to dig into.

5)      Dr Hannah Fry – Science Presenter and Author, Day Two, 12:40

Data has been a big buzzword within the digital advertising community for a number of years, but only recently has it been coupled with the notion of creating user stories or brand journeys. Dr Hannah Fry, author of The Mathematics of Love, will be going into more detail about this in her talk on Day Two – certainly one not to miss!

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