Published date: Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Press: Digital Marketing - Understanding AI Uplift

As parents everywhere will attest, the most frequent and difficult question to answer is without doubt ‘why?’. From an early age people want to know the cause or driving force of everything and it’s often the hardest question to answer.

It’s certainly a challenge when trying to identify how artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms drive uplift. We know the uplift is there, it’s clear to see from quarterly results that entertainment campaigns on average see 151% uplift, retail 135% and technology 96%. But where it becomes more difficult is in establishing the individual factors which have produced this uplift.

Each time an impression is about to be served information is pulled from trillions of data points which are stored in a Data Management Platform. This data can be broken out into factors such as gender, age, household income, operating system, device manufacturer, device models, battery life, how a device is charged, weather, home location, office location, location habits (how often does someone travel and where to for example), which apps are downloaded, which sites are visited, which time of day promotes the most interactions etc. The list goes on.

A huge amount of data is processed to determine how likely a user is to interact with any given ad at any given time. AI makes it possible to take all the data available to technology providers and transform it into actionable insights which allow campaigns to be served to the users who are most likely to engage with a piece of content at that moment in time.

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