Published date: Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Press: Wall Blog - Five Reasons to Use AI

Published for the Wall Blog on the 13th April. 

Driverless cars, personal assistants and a robot Scarlett Johansson have all made headlines in the past three months. Artificial intelligence is taking the world by storm. But how can AI have an impact on your advertising? Here are five reasons it should be overlaid onto every single campaign.

Only reach relevant users

When running any advertising campaign it’s accepted that the ad will be shown to some people who, while fitting the target audience perfectly, are not interested in your product. By using AI it is possible to dramatically reduce the number of impressions wasted in this manner.

AI analyses information from billions of data points to determine what a user is likely to engage with. If a user has never exhibited any behaviour to suggest they will engage with a car ad, despite fitting the audience profile, they will not be shown this advert, eliminating wasted impressions and saving campaign budget.

On the reverse, there may be users who would be interested in your product, despite not fitting the audience profile. AI can identify users who have exhibited strong engagement patterns with similar content and target them with relevant adverts.

Optimize in real-time

Each time an ad request is logged there are thousands of variables, all of which can impact the results of a campaign. Should one variable in the chain change, the ad which is most likely to generate an engagement could be different.

This data cannot be used by ad ops teams to optimize a campaign, it happens too quickly. AI can process and act on this data in milliseconds, enabling campaigns to be optimized in real-time.

Viewable, brand safe advertising

AI is able to improve brand safety and viewability rates by optimizing delivery towards environments that deliver the best viewability results. It can also identify patterns which could be linked to suspicious behaviour, blocking these impressions and only serving ads in placements, which guarantee human traffic.

As AI optimizes in real-time it is possible to ensure viewable, brand safe advertising 24/7, and not just when ad ops teams are in the office.

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