Published date: Friday, 29 January 2016

From Square Eyes to iPads – Kids are spending more time online than ever

New research from Childwise, as part of their Monitor Report into media use and purchasing amongst children, has shown that children between the ages of 7 and 16 years are now spending 3 hours online each day, with time for 15 and 16 year olds rising to 4.8 hours. In contrast, young people are now spending 2.1 hours in front of the TV, an average of 50 minutes less than 2000. In addition, 60% of this TV is digital, watched via a phone, tablet or laptop.

It’s clear generation Z (as they are now known) are fully embracing the digital opportunities available to them through a variety of different devices. Less than a quarter of individuals between 15 and 16 now watch TV as it is broadcast, preferring the versatility and freedom available through on-demand services. New services like Netflix or Amazon Prime have started to trump more conventional channels, with 50 of respondents saying they had watched a programme on Netflix in the last week, more popular than both ITV1 and BBC1.

Tablets have catapulted themselves into becoming the most popular device type owned by youngsters, with 67% now owning the device. This is the first time that tablets have become the most popular type of computer, beating both laptops and desktops. This transformation is being recognised by both hardware and software companies. Amazon recently released their infant-brand Kindle Fires, while Microsoft has released their own Minecraft Education Edition. Generation Z are both engaged and adept with technology, and are exploring devices in ways no generation has done before; consuming content at unprecedented rates.