Why Ad-blocking is good for the advertising industry

October 7, 2015 / by Lina

Stephen Upstone, CEO & Co-Founder LoopMe

Over the last few weeks it has been impossible to read any trade publications without encountering an article on ad-blockers. With the introduction of iOS 9 last month mobile ad-blocking faces the risk of a rise, as users receive the opportunity to opt out of advertising.

Rather than descend into a blind panic about ad blockers and prophesising the end of the ad funded model, advertisers, publishers and media owners need to take the trend at face value – as a rather unpleasant lump of customer feedback.

A large proportion of users are clearly fed up with endlessly being targeted with dozens of invasive, irrelevant adverts – and the more tech savvy among them are downloading apps to block them.

Just as a brand will have to rebuild trust and loyalty after a scandal, the advertising industry as a whole must take stock and rectify areas where we haven’t always got it right. In other words, it’s time to up our game.

Less has to be more. Publishers should choose to host fewer formats which deliver higher eCPMs rather than featuring dozens of ad units on a page. On the flip side, advertisers should narrow down their use of ad formats, choosing mediums which are high impact and engaging. Using video is an excellent way for both publishers and advertisers to achieve these goals. Mobile video ads typically deliver higher revenues while the richness of video as a format means it is highly effective at transmitting brand messages. Seeing one format which is inherently more engaging will be more user friendly than several bad formats, keeping users clear of ad-blockers.

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