Video of the Week: The Unbreakable Ellie Kemper Sells Cars

We had a few contenders for best video this week – Gerard Depardieu, for instance, had a very morbid time selling watches, while Subaru decided to hand over its car testing to man’s best friend. But one advert stood above all others this week, and it comes from Ellie Kemper, star of The Guardian’s TV Show of 2015, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. With a series of fantastic ads, Kemper has teamed up with Buick to create some short skits for their new range. While Kemper herself is almost a pastiche to her character from the show, the advert is whimsically meta and a nice commentary on our perception of cars, advertising, and stereotypical family values. It’s also incredibly light and quirky, in a way comedic adverts seldom are.

Watch it here: