Video of the Week: Making Love Letters With Scrabble

A,B,C baby, that’s how easy  love can be. Or so Scrabble want you to think with their 2015 advert celebrating all the best in random coincidence and wordplay.

Though it’s hard to tell just how romantic a game of Scrabble can be, Mattel have found a nice little novelty that makes the ad consistently watchable with its wordplay. The nice little near-sepia filter also gives the ad enough of a glamorous and premium finish.

Given how romantic Scrabble makes their adverts, we here at LoopMe are thinking there could be an entire miniseries about board games and romantic entanglements – is it worth taking a Risk over a Trivial Pursuit? There’s no point asking us to Guess Who you’ll end up with. We don’t have a Clue.