Video of the Week: #HeavyBubbles

As everyone eagerly awaits the arrival of Game of Thrones Season 6 in a few weeks, the biggest question on everyone’s lips is whether or not Jon Snow has popped his clogs or if he will nobly return from the dead. One actor who has mastered the art of returning for more is Thór Björnsson or as he is better known, The Mountain. The Mountain was brought back to life at the end of Season 6 as a pale knight and member of the Kingsguard, but for the actor playing him, it provided a perfect opportunity to promote his new water brand #HeavyBubbles.

This was an April Fool’s video made with panache – flippant, quick and with easy laughs and an element of believably plausible branding.

Check out the runner up too – a rather intense LGBTQ advert showing the difficulties of existence in the form of an obstacle course – shot with intensity and creativity.

But check out the #HeavyBubbles video here!