Video of the Week: Getting to the Hart of Beckham

One of the main criticisms of a large portion of new comedy films is how they rarely invest in impressive visuals, instead relying on improvised lines or comedic sequences to deliver their┬áskits. As a result, it becomes vastly more exciting when ads start creating something more intriguing and visually stimulating – here coming as a two-hander between Kevin Hart and David Beckham.

Beckham is not averse to doing comedy skits (having done so with James Corden on a few occasions) and is a fairly confident screen presence – something that Becks could always use to his advantage further down the line. It’s nice to see Kevin Hart also being less frenetic than his usual self – the actor has certainly developed somewhat.

For H&M this is a nice distraction from their usual ads, playing on comedy rather than their products. Seeing more in a similar vein down the line is an exciting prospect.

Check out the ad here: