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Video of the Week: General Electric Feels the Heat

Be it the swooping score, the near-cinematic cinematography, or the earthy voiceover, there's something profoundly epic about General Electric's new series of ads titled 'Unimpossible Missions'. The concept is easy enough - GE use their cutting edge and highly durable technology to subvert our expectations of impossibility.

Considering the climax of the two minute advert is dunking a snowball in a pile of molten metal, 'A Snowball's Chance in Hell' does a fantastic job in keeping its audiences watching and waiting. A lot of this is down to a rather spectacular musical accompaniment, which ramps up the tension to 11.

General Electric have a history of creating some fantastic mobile video content - most recently through their highly interactive and interesting Vine channel.  Encouraging aspiring and accomplished scientists to share their favourite experiments, GE has succeeded in creating a communal and collaborative experience for all.