Video of the Week: Evian is an anagram of naive

The babies are back. Evian rocked the world last time they brought forth the CGI concoctions last time, so now they’ve returned, and in greater numbers.

Accompanied by a rather fantastic cover of the Beach Boys’ Kokomo (you can listen to that here), this high budget epic is the perfect back for kicking back, taking in the sun, and sipping on some smooth, premium, bottled water. The ad itself is, however, also a bit creepy – a world surrounded by sentient, cogent babies, owning property and running beverage stalls. Do babies have the economic savviness and logistical awareness necessary for working in retail? Who knows: we’ll let Lord of the Flies Part 2: Surf’s Up speak for itself.

Runner up for this week: Ryan Reynolds continues his dominance of the world.