Video of the Week: Cutting Edge Advertising with Gilette

When you ask people what they’d expect from an Olympics advert, they’d probably expect something rousing, physical, and a reflection of the solidarity of the Games. Gilette, it seems, has decided to go for something completely different – a gritty, realistic interpretation of the life of an athlete. Not everything is medals and cheering – before the finish line comes months if not years of grueling, demoralising training – narrowing your focus down and blocking out every possible distraction. Training can take you away from your family, your loved ones and throw you into some of the hardest conditions imaginable – a tricky scenario for all.

Gilette have therefore created 3 minutes of realism – admitting the difficulties of an athlete’s life while showing their need for a healthy facial hair regime. With a bonus soundtrack from Sia, this is a nice little piece of anti-conformism.

Watch the ad below: