Video of the Week: Cossette Provide Unmissable Opportunity for Shortform Content

Cossette’s newest video, Sick Kids, achieves what many video advertisers aim for – creating an engaging narrative in a matter of seconds. With the average user attention span now less than 8 seconds, hooking users as soon as the video begins will always be a smart move.

This video was clearly built with a mobile audience in mind, while the soundtrack is high-octane, it is remarkable how effective the ad can be without sound – it is the figures themselves that instantly tell the story.  With a huge quantity of users viewing ads with sound-off (as high as 85% on Facebook) this is vital in telling the story. The short cuts full of information – never spending too long on one particular individual and telling a myriad of stories going on ensures the ad maintains audience interest over the course of the ad.

In the context of mobile this is a gripping ad easily transferable to a variety of formats, particularly with the bold, easily legible text. In a campaign all about raising awareness for younger individuals being treated in hospital, there is a powerful message that can be understood no matter where it’s consumed.

Watch the ad below: