Unique creative flexibility in mobile video from LoopMe


Unique creative flexibility in mobile video from LoopMe

November 26, 2014 / by Lina

Mobile first. That’s the new mediaspeak. We’ve reached a tipping point in advertising. According to figures released by Flurry, time spent on mobile devices has now overtaken TV for the first time ever, which confirms forecasts published by eMarketer. Mobile is therefore more than just a first screen, it’s slowly shifting into our main screen and this is only going to accelerate as IoT (the Internet of Things) huddles around mobile as the remote control for “Connected Life”.


Advertisers now have the opportunity to reuse TV formats in a far more targeted way that delivers massive scale on large screen high quality mobile devices. This is achieved by a common audience targeting approach (using parameters such as demographics and TV regions) and improved levels of viewability that full-screen ad formats offer over online ads (in the online world, partial ads get counted as a view whereas on mobile, full-screen always get displayed).


There are two broad conceptual models evolving on mobile video – click-to-play (for brands) and autoplay (for performance). As an example of a brand advertiser, we recently ran a campaign to support driving awareness for the new film Imitation Game, which was user initiated. Because the campaign was click-to-play, the decision to watch the 15 second short video came down to the user. By placing the video ad in relevant environments (in this case puzzle games proved particularly effective not surprisingly), we empowered users to make choices around the content they wanted to consume and advertisers only paid for videos that started on a CPM basis.


In addition to the video ad, brands can also include dynamic and fully customisable end cards that enable extra features such social sharing or bespoke call-to-actions including but not limited to purchases, find out more, watch more content or drive to site – whatever the KPI of the campaign, our platform optimises towards the campaign goal.


For advertisers that require a more sophisticated viewing model, we have just launched our performance video offer that can be purchased on a CPCV (Cost-per-Completed-View) model. This gives advertisers the opportunity to benefit from massive scale but only pay for completed views.


As with all forms of advertising, the less intrusive and in-your-face it feels, the higher the levels of engagement that can be achieved. Our in-house creative services team now develops bespoke HTML5 branded experiences for brands and agencies for both video and rich media.


With direct access to some of the largest global apps, premium sites and integration with the top mobile ad exchanges for real-time bidding, LoopMe can now access over 1 billion global unique users with full-screen ads for video. That translates into approximately 75 million across Western Europe and 15 million in the UK. Our technology enables you to access and place videos on inventory where it was not previously possible, as we are not limited by SDK integrations, and we support both HTML5 and VAST for video delivery, giving LoopMe advantage and optimum global reach. Coupled with our audience tools and segmentation, we enable advertisers to accurately reach specific audience groups and align mobile with campaigns from other channels.


If your goal is to drive transactions (for example film tickets), you can leverage the power of sequential campaigns to deliver specific messages based on previous interactions and manage consumers through the sales funnel.


With the numbers from Flurry and eMarketer demonstrating that consumers are now spending increasingly more time on mobile devices and less time watching TV (<2 hours per day), accessing light tv viewer audiences to drive incremental uplift to support TV campaigns will become a critical factor.  These consumers cannot be reached via TV anymore and they represent a large and significant audience for any brands. Light TV views are now heavy mobile users accessed via demographic and behavioural targeting.

To find out more about how LoopMe can support you with accessing light TV viewers and run mobile video campaigns contact us on sales[at]loopmemedia[dot]com.