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Mobile Data

2.6 Billion Devices and Counting

To date, LoopMe has processed over 2.6 billion devices worldwide. Each month we process trillions of data points, storing data in our proprietary mobile DMP, to fuel our Artificial Intelligence engine.

Our Data


Geo – Location History – User Behavior – Age, Gender, Demographic – Language – Device – OS – Connection – Weather – Carrier – Campaign


1st Party Data – LoopMe PurchaseLoop Survey – LoopMe Predictive Data, LoopMe Interaction Data – In-Market Audience – Device Graph – Publisher Data


Nielsen Exelate, FourSquare, Factual, Axciom, LiveRamp, Adsquare, Placed, Moat, Commerce Signals

Artificial Intelligence

up to 300% uplift

in results using Artificial Intelligence

LoopMe specializes in using AI to drive marketing outcomes.
Our combination of mobile data and powerful Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms means LoopMe only delivers ads when they are most likely to perform against campaign goals.

Our Artificial Intelligence engine makes over 40 million decisions per campaign, serving ads to the top 10% of requests, making it one of the most powerful tools in a marketer’s arsenal, improving return on ad spend.

Predictive Models

LoopMe’s data science team has built a suite of predictive AI models, trained on LoopMe’s DMP to optimize toward your campaign goal.

Whether the brand outcome is CTR, VCR or a shift in purchase intent, brand awareness or foot traffic with our PurchaseLoop product, LoopMe’s artificial intelligence delivers measurably improved campaign results.

How does LoopMe Optimize to Marketing Outcomes?

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AI Guide

To find out more about how our artificial intelligence works download the AI Guide, created by Data Scientists.