Press: What’s the Real Value of your Advertising Campaign? – Exchange Wire

Imagine you are an account manager looking through an end-of-campaign report: 95% viewable, 70% completion rate, 60% audibility, 5% click-through rate, on target – it has all the hallmarks of a successful mobile video advertising campaign. But, did it have a genuine effect on marketing goals and move the consumer along the path to purchase? In short, what real value did that advertising campaign deliver? Stephen Upstone (pictured below) founder and CEO, LoopMe explains to ExchangeWire that improved metric adoption for campaign measurement is needed industry-wide to ensure we can deliver against brand requirements.

Measuring the effectiveness of online advertising campaigns is not as simple as it might appear. Although digital advertising is by nature highly trackable, choosing the right metrics can be problematic – the Advertising Research Foundation have identified 197 digital metrics, while the IAB have a conservative 30, deciding which will prove value is no easy task. As an industry, we have traditionally fallen back on two key metrics when it comes to measuring efficiency across digital campaigns: clicks and views. But do these metrics actually move the dial when it comes to getting users into stores and making a purchase?

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