Optimized Targeting

Video and Full-screen

Stronger consumer engagement

Artificial Intelligence

Drive better advertising decisions

Data is good. Data and smart processing is better.

Artificial intelligence drives our optimization. It does this through machine learning, employing predictive algorithms that make complex decisions over where to place ads – in milliseconds.

This is all with the goal of maximizing the return on investment for mobile advertising budgets, by finding more high-quality and valuable users.

Data management platform

Access global audiences with video and full-screen

A Data Management Platform (DMP) helps advertisers identify their audiences. The more data, and the more sophistication, the better the targeting.

Our DMP brings together proprietary data, advertiser data and third-party data. This enables agencies to create pre-defined audience segments to get up and running quickly, or to create their own custom audiences for each advertiser they work with.

They can even identify new segments via artificial intelligence, using the full power of the LoopMe DMP to explore and tap into entirely new audiences.

Scale with safety

Driving better results with confidence

While we offer scale, we also give advertisers assurances of quality and brand safety by providing transparency down to app name and domain level.

This isn’t just about safety: it’s also for optimization. We provide transparency around where ads are displaying, and around response and conversion ratesto drive additional user optimization.