New mobile video ad features released

August 10, 2015 / by marco

We’re always busy working on improvements to our mobile video ad solution. That’s why we’re very excited to announce that we’ve just launched new video ad features, including a new video interface design and ad metrics.

First of all, we’ve refreshed the colour palette, giving the video player a fresh and sleek looking interface. That not only makes the mobile video ads look more professional, but more importantly gives consumers a sense of reliability and trust, which is an important aspect for advertisers looking to place their brands and messages. Furthermore, the update to the font and colour gives the video ad content a lot more focus and attention. These cosmetic changes give users more visible control over the video ads.

Secondly, we’ve added some useful video metrics. We are in an era in which attention spans are getting shorter, and as consumers we are constantly getting flooded with content from multiple apps and other sources. Given all the marketing and peer-to-peer noise going on around us, advertisers need to cut through these distractions and attempt to hold on to consumers watching their mobile video ads for as long as possible. To address this challenge, we are now displaying an ad skip timer and ad length timer. The ad skip timer will appear in the bottom left hand corner to display the time remaining before the skip icon appears, and the ad length timer will appear in the bottom right corner. These visible timers aim to boost average view length and completed view rates, making video ads a lot stickier for consumers.

All these changes to the design and format, and the addition of two new timers have been applied to all videos served with the LoopMe SDK, third party SDKs and replaces the mobile web video template completely.

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