Native video: China deals are just the start of $100 million potential

April 15, 2015 / by Lina

Today we are extremely proud to announce that we have secured deals with top app developers from China, including Cheetah Mobile, Sungy Mobile and Baidu.

This is a major milestone, not just for LoopMe but for the mobile ad industry at large, and deals like this are just the start. We believe that native video advertising will be worth over $100 million in revenue to LoopMe over the next two years.

This has drawn attention from all quarters, including Fox Business, which you can watch interviewing our CEO, Stephen Upstone below.



With these deals in place, LoopMe now has mobile video partnerships with seven out of the top ten global app developers including Facebook (LiveRail), Google (AdX), Microsoft and Outfit7. Collectively, this gives LoopMe access to apps with over 10 billion global downloads. These are eye-wateringly large figures.

So, where will this take LoopMe? With so much potential, this could be the significant first step along an exciting journey. Onward and upward.