Mobile video advertising is booming; here’s why

July 6, 2015 / by marco

There’s a consistent message from recent reports on mobile video advertising: it’s in hyper-growth. Ooyala’s latest report shows 100% growth in mobile video advertising views year-on-year and eMarketer shows strong mobile video ad growth.

The mobile video advertising boom is being driven by a number of factors:

Big global apps enabling video advertising: Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter have all launched mobile video offers giving brands access to a global mobile audience with innovative, engaging ad formats.

Brands get video – not banners: Brands have built their businesses on TV for over 50 years and it’s a format that’s proven and works. Brands don’t get banners, a format ported across from the web in the early days of mobile advertising.

Video is about audio and visual – brands get this: Brands need an ad format that tells a story and triggers emotion, engagement and changes in behaviour.

HD quality mobile devices: Most mobile devices now come with stunning HD quality screens capable of playing striking video advertisements.

Measurement: You can now place custom events in mobile video campaigns and measure all key interactions to drive optimization and detailed reporting. This is a game changer over TV where measurement was limited to large panels.

However, there remain challenges that are being addressed:

Lack of common audience groups and definitions: There are third party data providers that power audience targeting for a number of DSPs offering agencies a common audience currency. However, outside USA, scale and reach is an issue and EMEA lacks third party audience options. First-party data and DMPs are plugging this gap in the industry.

Mobile video is fragmented by ad formats: Mobile video ad platforms tend to be defined by ad formats: YouTube (pre-roll), Facebook (native), AdColony (reward). The industry needs players that support all ad formats for better reach and scale and testing what video format actually yields the best results.

Ad exchanges and premium publishers lack scale: We need a lot more liquidity in the market if mobile video is going to continue in hyper-growth. That means ad exchanges lighting up VAST and MRAID (for HTML5) and premium publishers enabling mobile video support.

Reliable cross-device identification: The model of cookie-based identification is now declining as non-web based consumer usage on apps across mobile devices, TV and Internet-of-Things gathers pace face. There’s a clear requirement for a universal solution that everyone agrees on versus isolated proprietary solutions that lack compatibility and buy-in.

LoopMe’s place in the mobile advertising ecosystem is an established leadership position as a mobile video demand-side platform that supports all mobile video ad formats (VAST, HTML5, pre-roll, native and reward), giving advertisers reach and scale on a global level for both brands and performance advertisers.

We support mobile video across high-quality direct publisher relationships via our own SDK and via ad exchanges, giving advertisers the choice between scale and premium publishers.

For audiences, we have our own proprietary DMP with standard and custom segmentation options. Additionally, we support default and custom third party audience targeting via Statiq.

Finally, our platform is underpinned by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence that supports every campaign to deliver upon agreed campaign objectives.