Measurement & Data

LoopMe’s Measurement and Data Solutions

LoopMe’s rich data insights and measurement solutions combine data from over 2 billion devices globally and are available to advertisers, publishers and tech platforms to enhance media measurement, optimization and attribution.


Our measurement and data products can be bought with LoopMe media campaigns, can be activated across your preferred media partners or with your DSP of choice.


Audio/podcasting, OOH and TV companies can all benefit from LoopMe’s measurement and data solutions for advertising campaigns on their

respective platforms.

PurchaseLoop for Measurement

Real-time tracking the effectiveness of your campaigns to key KPIs such as awareness, consideration, purchase intent and affinity. 


Available at device, individual or household level, covering all digital formats, including video, display, audio, OOH, Connected TV and Linear TV.
Comprehensive Analytics 
Identify the different groups affected by demographics, places visited,
other products they like to buy and attitudinal studies.
Data & Optimization

Real-time optimization towards marketing outcomes and applied as a data segment into your DSP of choice. 

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Real-Time Optimization Drives Performance

LoopMe’s measurement and data solutions are used by our clients including: 


Interested in learning more about our measurement and data solutions?