LoopMe RTB video and rich media growing fast

September 19, 2014 / by Lina

We are now live with MoPub and Smaato and planning to go live with DoubleClick Ad Exchange shortly. If this sounds exciting, that’s because it is. It means that LoopMe clients will have the most effective means of reaching huge, targeted audiences, to deliver the most effective full-screen video and rich media ad formats. Each new ad exchange adds massive scale for full-screen ads.


RTB for scale and targeting

You may have heard of RTB, but you may not understand what it is. If so, you’re not alone:Forrester Research found as recently as April 2014 that most marketers don’t understand automated buying. So here’s a quick primer.

Automated, or programmatic buying is simply using big data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to decide firstly whether to bid for an ad space and secondly, how much.

The data comes from four sources. Contextual data comes from publishers and describes the ad space in terms of what the site or app is, and where it’s being displayed. First-party data may come from publishers or advertisers and characterises the ideal target audience to be reached. Second-party data is where ad tech comes in, through the massive amounts of trading we enable, which gives us rich insights into what works for the client’s goals. And all this can be complemented with third party data bought in, for example Experian post-code level information (note that this is information not linked to an individual but describes the characteristics of people that live within a post code area).

But it’s not all about the data. RTB is the most popular current flavour of automated buying, and it needs data plus smart AI to do two things: first, to assess all the RTB ad requests on an exchange and decide whether to bid for a slot if it fits the client goals; and second, if the space is considered appropriate, to assign a value to that ad space, and make a bid. Demand-Side Platforms or bidders bid against each other and determine the highest price that they are prepared to pay for the ad space to the bidder that then places a bid and the highest bid from all participating bidders wins.

This means that, as a buyer, you have tremendous reach because we now trade across the largest RTB exchanges. You can also find the audience that simply works for you, because programmatic buying finds the best-performing inventory. So it’s scale, plus targeting. Put it this way: Google is programmatic search and that works pretty well in a webverse that is still expanding at meteoric rates, so programmatic mobile ad buying is showing the way as mobile advertising ramps up.


Full-screen video at massive scale

Current solutions for mobile video ad delivery are limited in scope because the IAB’s Video Ad-Serving Template (VAST) standard lacks wide-scale adoption across exchanges. This means that volumes available to mobile video fall short of the audiences commanded by formats such as TV.

HTML5 solves this problem because it is an open standard, so it enables video and rich media in any full-screen interstitial ad space, via any exchange. This opens the possibility of mobile video advertising reaching, rivalling and potentially surpassing TV audience sizes.

LoopMe’s platform also uses RTB to buy ad space for these HTML5 ad units. This is the next generation of digital advertising, enabling massive access to every ad request across an exchange, sophisticated targeting through leveraging behavioural and demographic data, and the transparency to know exactly which ads are working hardest, and where.

This transparency also enables brand safety. LoopMe’s solution ensures that advertisers know their ads are being displayed in brand-safe environments through measures such as black- and white-listing to restrict which publications are acceptable; private exchanges that facilitate exclusive agreements between advertisers and publishers; and RTB content categories that zero in on specific types of publishers.

LoopMe advertiser clients now have the option to reach huge amounts of inventory, with targeting, through our RTB integrations. And, having found your audience, you can employ the most effective full-screen video ads. If you’d like to know more about this, get in touch.