LoopMe research finds UK consumers “like” mobile adverts more than any other nation

Data from 25 million people shows UK consumers “like” ads more globally, whilst France, Italy and Vietnam have low social response rates

LONDON – 26th September 2013

Data from 25 million consumer mobile advert viewers finds that the UK is currently the country with the highest number of mobile advert “likers” globally and that overall more consumers liked ads than disliked when giving the option to rate them. The UK data from June to August 2013 shows 10.21% of the users that clicked on ads liked them, and only 2.02% disliked them, interestingly, 1.72% were also driven to share adverts.

While the UK, China and USA consistently show the highest number of likes compared to dislikes, the lowest proportion of likes came from France, Italy and Vietnam. Furthermore, the research showed that ads that were shown more frequently started to lead to more dislikes and less surprisingly, ads shown in inappropriate contexts also performed less well.

Other insights from the data conclude that well recognised brands such as big name film and games brands showed the high social interaction rates of up to 40% of clickers.

According to a Gartner report by Andrew Frank, research vice president: “Worldwide mobile advertising revenue will reach $24.5 billion in 2016”.

Peggy Anne Salz, mobile analyst at MobileGroove said, “Social has long been our number one activity on mobile and LoopMe is literally closing the loop, powering a new approach that makes advertising social, engaging, interactive and viral. In an age of 'Pull' where people are in control, and where social giants such as Facebook and Twitter still haven't cracked the code on how to deliver advertising in a friendly and non-intrusive way, brands can certainly benefit from a platform that draws from consumer feedback to deliver the advertising people really want."

LoopMe CEO, Stephen Upstone stated, “The big pain point to revenue growth in the social media industry is that advertising is being served on platforms alongside personal updates, and there is little opportunity to feedback on what you do and don’t like. LoopMe empowers consumers to make advertising better by letting them promote good adverts and stop bad ones for themselves and the community.”

LoopMe’s innovative approach to mobile advertising is to run page adverts that allow users to vote on ads (like and dislike), stop those that they don’t want to see again and share ads they love. Giving social feedback on adverts enables consumers to take control of advertising and make it better and more effective. LoopMe makes revenue from advertisers and uses sophisticated optimization technology to place the best “liked” ads in the best contexts and controls the frequency of delivery to give the best results for consumers and advertisers globally.

About LoopMe

LoopMe empowers consumers to make advertising more effective by adding voting (“like” and “dislike”), stop and share to ads allowing others to socially discover adverts on smartphones and tablets. LoopMe improves the customer experience and results for advertisers and publishers from advertising on smartphones and tablets. At the right time and place, great advertising, products and offers can equate to great content for consumers their friends and the people they trust.

LoopMe was founded by experienced mobile advertising executives Stephen Upstone (CEO) and Marco Van de Bergh (CTO), with the intention of making advertising less intrusive, more enjoyable, valuable and relevant, giving mobile consumers confidence to browse, interact and purchase from their mobile devices.

For more information please visit www.loopme.com or contact the team.

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