LoopMe releases new video & Windows phone SDKs

February 24, 2015 / by Lina

Google it: the mobile advertising industry is booming. Mobile video especially is showing explosive growth potential, which is why the LoopMe Team has been focusing intensely in the past few months to bring new product releases to market. This hard work has resulted in our two latest SDK updates: our first Windows phone SDK and a new video SDK.

Our Windows phone SDK opens up the doors to the third largest smartphone platform globally and one which Gartner predicts could have a huge growth spurt in the next four years. It is distributed as a source code and the download is available via our LoopMe Developer Wiki. Alternatively, you can use the direct link to the source code, which also includes an integration guide.

Our new video SDK also offers many features that will make it as easy and as quick as possible for publishers to go live and start monetizing:

  1. Native. Our new native video ad format offers an entirely new revenue source. This full-screen native video ad works in-stream just like Facebook or WeChat. With our massive reach, this makes us one of the biggest native video players in the market, next to Facebook.
  2. Lightweight SDK. Our new video SDK is the lightest SDK in the market for video.
  3. Open Source. The SDK is open source, meaning it is customizable and easy to integrate and debug, so it is owned by the developers.
  4. Pre-Load Video. The videos are pre-loaded, offering a smooth end-user experience without having to wait for the video to load.
  5. Multi Ad Format. The new SDK allows for multi ad formats, such as video and rich media full-screen ads.
  6. Demand Diversity. Ads can be designed from scratch, allowing brand and performance campaigns to be delivered at a global scale.
  7. Exchange Capabilities. The SDK allows for additional third-party demand sources via one SDK, which means it is open to others buyers.

Interested? To find out more and explore how LoopMe can help you, contact support[at]loopmemedia[dot]com.