LoopMe releases new video SDKs 4.0

December 4, 2014 / by Lina

The mobile advertising landscape is in flux and going through rapid change; one area that’s changing is a shift away from standard size banners to full-screen ad formats including video. As consumers, we are spending increasingly more time on mobile devices and less time on traditional media channels. As a consequence, brands and agencies will need to follow the money and consumer eyeballs and start to re-allocate marketing dollars within campaign plans to include mobile.

In order to take advantage of brand marketing dollars and larger screen formats that give developers higher eCPMs, the LoopMe team has been working hard on updating its Android and iOS SDKs with improvements to its video support and enable reward or incentive video ad formats to be created.


1)  Pre-caching video ads enables apps to pre-load videos, ready to be displayed at a later stage during app usage. With heavier ad formats like video, pre-caching significantly reduces ad video loading times, improves performance for campaigns and delivers a better user experience for the end user.


2) Enabled for reward videos. As a developer, you can now choose to create reward or incentive video ad slots that offer players of your app(s) the chance to earn in-game rewards (e.g. extra lives) or virtual currency ( e.g. coins), in exchange for watching a full video advertisement.
Developers can use either type of video ad format. You can find the setup instructions for each type of video ad slot on the LoopMe Developer Wiki and the screen shot screen below under the new Reward tab shows an example label created for “Gold coins”.