LoopMe leads the mobile advertising debate

October 20, 2015 / by Lina

Only in the last couple of weeks Stephen has been responsible for a number of articles across a variety of sites, all exploring different ideas and issues inside the mobile marketing world. One of these issues (which has gripped headlines in the past few weeks) is the controversy surrounding adblocking. While there seems to have been some concerns over the effects of new software preventing the display of adverts, Stephen shows in his article for CityAM how important it is for advertisers to rise to the challenge and create better content to counter the problem. Adblocking is only the latest in a series of hurdles that can be overcome by creating high quality content for mobile users.

At the same time, Stephen’s article in HotTopics displays a form of forward thinking important for mobile advertising in the modern day. His 5 steps to help brands tackle the growth in mobile advertising provide a handy guide for forward thinking advertisers looking to make sure they stay ahead of the game.

Next up, his piece in 12ahead shows why mobile video is so important for mobile advertising. The banner format, it seems, is outdated and becoming more and more defunct as the digital advertising industry develops rapidly. As new challenges face advertisers, why use old methods to help them?

Finally, Stephen caused a big stir and had some fantastic viewing numbers with his article in Marketing Magazine. Here, Stephen takes the wider view and analyses the significance of digital marketing in the present day – as print marketing continues to decline, digital is more than ready to make up for the shortfall. Digital marketing is made all the more effective with new tools and interfaces, like artificial intelligence or mobile video.

A busy couple of weeks for LoopMe!