LoopMe launches native mobile video

March 5, 2015 / by Lina

In a first for the industry, LoopMe has launched its native mobile video service.

This gives publishers access to LoopMe’s sophisticated mobile video advertising and targeting infrastructure, which already reaches one billion consumers worldwide, and more effectively monetizes their installed app base. Meanwhile advertisers can present their ads in a highly effective format that is proven to increase click-through rates.

Native ads are specifically designed to fit into an app’s interface, making them less obtrusive to users than ad spaces, and more likely to be noticed. For advertisers, this increases click-through rates (CTRs). For publishers, they can sell a unique product at a premium price, pushing up their effective costs per mille (eCPMs).


The video evolution

Facebook has been blazing a trail with video. It’s come a long way from being ‘theFacebook’, a text-based, clunky website with a cluttered interface. Today it’s a mobile advertising powerhouse (Facebook shares 50% of global mobile advertising revenue with Google). So if Facebook’s working with video, the market needs to think about it too.

Advertisers like video because they’ve been advertising on TV and in the cinema for over 50 years, so they’re good at it (you can still see the first ever TV ad online – it was for Bulova Watches). They want to introduce this expertise, and collateral, into the hot mobile space, so they can continue to tell the same brand stories, seamlessly, across all their channels.

They also like it because it’s compelling and engaging enough to users that they drive conversion rates up to 100% higher than other static formats, according to LoopMe campaign data.


The native revolution

Native is a form of ad that matches the mobile site or app. Instead of specific ad slots of standard sizes, an app has a space that is designed to look attractive, as part of the interface. Facebook is a champion of native ads too, with its own formats to the right of the screen that make up part of the Facebook experience.

This time, advertisers love mobile native because they’re more likely to be noticed. For example, IPG Media Labs recently conducted an eye tracking study showing that consumers looked at native ads 53% more frequently than banners.

Publishers also like native because it’s something they can offer as a premium service. It’s a better user experience too, which is also why users prefer them. Provided the targeting is right, users will see something of genuine interest to them, perfectly and unobtrusively displayed alongside the content.


Evolution and revolution work together

We see the two working together perfectly, something akin to the ideal advertising experience. We’re sure that app developers will soon start not just understanding the need to feature native mobile video ads in their apps, but believing it too.

So this is a major new development for LoopMe, which we anticipate will prove irresistible to major app publishers globally. If you want to find out more about how we can make mobile native video advertising work for you, get in touch.