LoopMe launches Exchange for all mobile video ad formats

August 10, 2015 / by marco

As part of our continued growth with mobile video advertising, we are excited to announce the launch of the first global mobile video Exchange for all video ad formats. This expands on our existing publisher SDK solution by giving publishers more mobile video demand from top ad networks and DSPs.

Our mobile video Demand-Side Platform was the first to market that supported all mobile video ad formats (VAST, MRAID/HTML5, native, pre-roll and reward). Now we are taking things to the next logical step with development on the publisher side.

For advertisers, the new exchange will create more global supply of mobile video inventory across all formats and publishers. This will be achieved via access to other ad exchanges via the LoopMe Demand-Side Platform and direct relationships with brand-safe premium publishers on the LoopMe exchange.

Benefits for advertisers

The exchange will be available to ad networks and DSPs to easily plug into and get immediate access to unique global mobile video inventory. This will include access to some of the top ranked apps in the world and premium brands.

For demand sources with large video campaigns, we are be able to support all mobile ad formats, thereby giving ad networks and DSPs a compelling option for adding immediate global supply and testing across a range of video formats to determine what works best.

Benefits for publishers

For publishers, the LoopMe exchange will open up mobile video inventory to new advertisers and demand sources with strong global mobile video demand that will drive high fill rates and CPMs. While mobile video is still developing, there’s a growing need by ad networks and DSPs to continually tap into new supply sources that support industry standard ad formats.

Publishers on the Exchange will also benefit from LoopMe’s own exclusive and direct premium high-quality global mobile video demand managed via LoopMe’s Demand-Side Platform.