LoopMe’s Glowing Testimonials

LoopMe has received some glowing testimonials from publishing partners recently – read the highlights here:


“LoopMe offers solid eCPM rates without sacrificing consistency through unique and engaging ad formats, not to mention the great support they have in store. By starting with just a straightforward, easy integration, you can expect an ad network that’ll give you simply the best” -Micko Nulud

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“LoopMe has helped in the monetization of our games by providing seamless access to premium large-budget advertisers. Pursuant to integration there has been incremental growth in revenue. Fill rates are consistent and the LoopMe SDK is extremely simple to integrate. The support team has been exceptionally proactive.” – Rajat Agarwalla


“With premium eCPMs and good fill-rate LoopMe has done a fantastic job in helping BlackLight monetise the inventory with video ads. The high quality of ads lets us deliver best user experience. The team is wonderful and entire integration process was quick and smooth.”

Outfit 7: 

“We are delighted to Partner with LoopMe for monetizing on our apps. For more than 2 years we have been working with them and are pleased with the prompt support. We look forward to continuing our relationship as we build on more new avenues for entertainment with the Talking Tom and Family Franchise.”

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